Genius Comic Writing



I don’t know why we’re here, but while we are, let’s find the magic in everyday life.

I’m a witchy woman. I whip up performances, videos, photos and words about weird things that have happened in my world: usually related to traveling, technology, my family and weird shit that happens to me at work, on dates, hikes and my paddleboard.

Currently, I’m writing a book called Parapet- it’s about six months of losing my mind… and finding it again… doing all of those things!

I also host and produce comedy shows, read tarot cards and consult female-empowered small businesses in social media content. We can chat about that here!

The fact that you’re even reading this fuels my creative journey and keeps me accountable to write- THANK YOU! If you want to read special sneak peeks from my book, get show/event announcements and read other Mollyisms, sign up below!

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